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[27 Sep 2004|05:21pm]

i don't have him as a teacher for creative writing. I wanna cry.
Ef' those freshmen who take him for granted.
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[01 Aug 2004|09:38pm]

who here is exited to see mr sexy sheehan in sept.?!?!?!?

i can't fuckin wait. oh, and i'm in his creative writing class next year!!

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[08 Jul 2004|05:51pm]



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[23 Jun 2004|01:11am]

Adrienne i joined just for you. You are the only person i know who would make a community dedicated to sheehan...I think it rocks...!
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i really feel the need to make this public. [22 Jun 2004|08:48pm]

[ mood | worried ]

New Wave Kicks: wouldent you rather know the truth than be oblivious?
hiltzy1323: perhaps
New Wave Kicks: ( did you steal that lingo from mr sheehan )
New Wave Kicks: lol i do all te time
New Wave Kicks: the*
hiltzy1323: hahahahaha
hiltzy1323: yeah
hiltzy1323: i did
hiltzy1323: :-[
New Wave Kicks: and i twitch my fake retarded lip all the time ( like him )
New Wave Kicks: im a poser
New Wave Kicks: i cant help it. :-) lol
hiltzy1323: HAHAHAHAHA
hiltzy1323: that was so funny
New Wave Kicks: lol glad you thought so
hiltzy1323: haha
hiltzy1323: just think about that though
hiltzy1323: you twitch you lip because sheehan who is mildly retarded did it. and we want his mildly retarded balls.
hiltzy1323: dude. do you think one half of his dick/balls is fucked?
New Wave Kicks: omg im LAUGHING SO HARD
hiltzy1323: what if his whole body is like that
hiltzy1323: and one nipple like indents or sumshit
hiltzy1323: seriously
New Wave Kicks: o mannnnn
New Wave Kicks: his left ball prob. twitches
New Wave Kicks: and his right ball prob goes to the left
New Wave Kicks: <33!!
New Wave Kicks: aw man his wife is so fucking luckey...she knows all the things we dream about
New Wave Kicks: i wanna be her
hiltzy1323: haha
hiltzy1323: dont we all.

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[18 Jun 2004|09:37am]

[ mood | sad ]

This was my LAST day seeing sheehan :( :(

because i dont know if im moving yet.

and he was so beautiful, but he ignored me i think because i asked him if i could take his picture and he was all, NO.

He wore a baggy striped collered shirt and sexy 80's jeans.

i wanna bang the shit outta that man.

<33333 im gonna miss hom soooo much

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[17 Jun 2004|10:50pm]

[ mood | sore ]

well . . . one of the moderators/ founders of this community i would like to say . . . sheehan is fucking amazing. that is all.

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[17 Jun 2004|02:02pm]

[ mood | content ]

I know this isn't the greatest thing I could've come up with, but I wrote it at about ten last night, because I told Adrienne I was going to. Things that don't rhyme sound better and make more sense. Which explains why this one rhymes.

I call it: Ode to An English Teacher

Though half of his face is mildly retarded
I do not care; and now I've started
To explain the man I adore
It's Mr. Sheehan, need I say more?
When he flashes his smile
You know your life is so worthwhile
Sucks getting up early for school everyday
But as long as you see Sheehan there, you'll do it anyway
Letting studens visit him before class even starts
Is another reason why he melts all of our hearts
You could talk to him for hours and never want to quit
And when you say something stupid, he'll always make a cute comment of wit (Author's Note: The rhyme scheme sucks and the syllable count in the lines is fucked, sorry to disappoint you all)
He lets us listen to music in school
And once he played Wicked (which I thought was cool)
As I read his book assignments I turn the page
I'm really quite sad that I am underage
I want him so bad, but he has a life
Why does he have to have a son AND a wife?

I know anyone could do better than this. So somebody else write one. A good one.

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[16 Jun 2004|09:38pm]

[ mood | awake ]

oh yaaa, mr sheehan had my morrissey book for a month,

it even smelt like his house.


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[16 Jun 2004|08:27pm]


car:)Collapse )
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