Ashley Ross (ashleylashley) wrote in sheehan_love,
Ashley Ross

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I love you guys. Mr. Sheehan is the best. And I love the fact that you and Adrienne went and found his car. That's real love.
Note for all: Am writing a song for Sheehan. Will post when finished.
do u go to MHS???

songs are good <3<3<3
Yes I do. I had Sheehan for English this year and AM HAVING HIM FOR CREATIVE WRITING NEXT YEAR!!!!

It's more like a poem, but I'll put it up later.
i have him 4 creative writing next yr. too!!!!

i love him
We're so lucky...aaah I love him so much!
and i have it tooooooooo!
ok...a close up on the license plate?...creeeeeppyyyyy!
adam oteri . . . in the sheehan love community?!?! now i've seen it all. even a black chinese dude.
yeah and i am kinda dissapointed in sheehan too . . . he drives a fucking import.


June 17 2004, 11:14:44 UTC 13 years ago

Despite the fact that you started a scary, cultish love community, I fucking love all of you. I cant stop laughing at those icons.

And i envy all of you who have Sheehan next year. He wouldnt let me take creative writing again.

Just dont drug or kill him. Please.

haha keith i love you too. your so awesome. and i only wontdrug him if hes willing . . . noooooo im jk. hahahahaha <333
Haha Keith, so unlucky...I get Sheehan and you don't! *does happy dance*

I still love you more than Sheehan. But only a little more. Isn't that comforting?